A group of healthcare products that combine the outcomes of natural science with innovative technologies, providing profound value in healthcare like never before.

Natural nutritional substances that support the immune system, derived from non-oil sesame, based on original Thai research on sesame with international patents.

Highlighted by the Q10 enzyme, it enhances cellular energy and helps rejuvenate various cells, allowing you to fully utilize your body’s potential in a day. It strengthens the heart and balances the immune system for better healthcare.

Prominent in eye care, it combines the benefits of natural extracts, such as extracts from black sesame, black rice bran powder, fragrant jasmine rice, bilberry, and Q10 enzyme

Contains 20 times more sesame extracts than the Aimmura O formula, promoting better health care. It is a product derived from non-oil sesame, based on Thailand’s original research on sesame, with international patents and the International Innovation Award 2017.

Enriched with 10 strains of probiotics and 7 types of prebiotics, including phytonutrients from 10 natural sources. It features a 5-layer patented micro-encapsulation protection that safeguards microorganisms from stomach acid, bile, and heat, as well as enhances adhesion to the intestinal wall well, andpromotes longer retention. It assists in maintaining the functioning of the intestinal system and gastrointestinal tract, supportsthe process of digestion and absorption, takes care of the lipid metabolism system, and enhances liver function.

The latest formula builds on the research of black sesame extracts. It combines the power of innovative health care with strength and adaptability in all situationscontaining concentrated sesame extracts 10X**. It combines EGCG extracts from green tea, as well as valuable extracts from black rice bran powder and jasmine rice flour. It is a dietary supplement product with scientifically certified research that ensures effectiveness and goes beyond immune-boosting supplements.

Dietary Supplement Product, Molecular level innovationcombines three valuablecomponents: high-purityvitamin D tuna oilencapsulated with turmeric extract using innovative encapsulation technology to enhance absorption up to 20 times. It supports the function of the liver in insulin production.

Cashewy Drink Mango Juice is a result of research conducted by a team of researchers from KhonKaen University. It was found to have 5D benefits: good for the brain, good for muscles, good for the body, good for fat metabolism in muscles, and good for neurotransmitters, affecting mood and happiness. Cashewy Drink has also received the International Innovation Award 2019 from the non-profit organization Asian Enterprise.


A dietary supplement product that combines the nutritional values of Super Foods and 69 types of antioxidant substances, including vegetables, fruits, herbs, collagen from fish, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, for good health and radiant skin naturally

A fiber beverage with a mixed fruit flavor and a hint of mixed fruit scent. It contains 7 types of natural extracts, including beneficial microorganisms. It is delicious and provides fiber that helps support the digestive process, keeping the intestines clean, and preventing safe long-term colon cancer. It does not cause cramps or irregular bowel movements.

Enriched with natural extracts such as Nutra-C, a patented formula from the USA, acerola cherry extract, pomegranate extract, citrus bioflavonoids, royal jelly extract, beta-carotene, and various types of vitamins for better health and skin benefits.

Krachai Mix is a dietary supplement product that combines the benefits of natural extracts into one product. It promotes overall well-being, supports a balanced immune system, and enhances anti-aging and longevity.

Airisa is a dietary supplementproduct that combines the benefits of natural extracts, essential amino acids, and 13 important vitamins. It supports hormonal balance, a strong immune system, and healthy skin.

Item’s Pro is a high-quality protein supplement that supports muscle building, accelerates fat burning, and helps to tighten and tone muscles, giving your body a proportionate and sculpted look. It contains Isolate Protein that is easily absorbed by the body, providing complete essential BCAAs amino acid, low fat, high protein, and low calories. It also includes Green Tea Extract, which aids in efficient fat burning.

ZIX Pro is a protein supplement product derived from natural sources. It consists of three main plant-based protein extracts: Lingzhi mushroom protein, black rice protein, and yellow pea protein.

It is combined with various natural extracts, such as extracts from the stems of French cactus species,citrus plants extract, and green tea extract, which provide essential minerals and complete nutrition. It effectively supports muscle building, and fat burning, and helps in making the body slimmer and firmer safely.

Collamin-B is a type of collagen dietary supplement in capsule form. It contains beneficial extracts from natural sources, such as sesamin extract from sesame, bilberry extract, hydrolyzed collagen from deep-sea fish, and L-glutathione. These ingredients help take care of the skin, restoring youthfulness and skin radiancenaturally.

Immu Herb is a healthy drink for people of all ages. It combines the benefits of ginger powder, white turmeric powder, Indian gooseberry powder, and powdered honey through a spray drying process, ensuring a concentrated and finely textured product.

It is easily dissolved in water, maintaining its complete nutritional value. It helps strengthen the immune system and promotes blood circulation.

TrimMax is a genuine Brazilian coffee with a delicious taste that is good for your health. It contains beneficial natural extracts that promote your well-being. It includes extracts from garcinia cambogia extract, cactus,white beans, and dietary fibers that are beneficial for your health.

Visa Coffee is a strong formula coffee designed to nourish the male body. It contains extracts from Cordyceps known as Viagra of the Himalayas, extracts from ginseng, extracts from goji berries, extracts from Lingzhi mushrooms, and vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12. It enhances the benefits of drinking coffee, and improves blood circulation and refreshment,enabling you to be ready for any situation.