Healthcare products that deliver good things through advanced care are carefully selected from nature.

Natural nutritional substances that support the immune system, derived from non-oil sesame, based on original Thai research on sesame with international patents.

An advancedinnovative facial serum that boosts skin radiance and beauty in 3 dimensions. It provides naturally radiant and luminous skin with a dewy and hydrated complexion while reducing the appearance of wrinkles for a more youthful look.



An innovative sunscreen cream with a lightweight and fast-absorbing texture that is gentle on the skin. It effectively protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. It contains a selection of thousands of peptides to rehydrate and moisturize dry skin, preventing the formation of wrinkles and preserving collagen.

A dietary supplement product that combines the nutritional values of Super Foods and 69 types of antioxidant substances, including vegetables, fruits, herbs, collagen from fish, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, for good health and radiant skin naturally

AILADA Rouge adds color and charm to your lips in your style.

Lip Tint with a luscious, glossy texture available in four vibrant shades. It follows current trends and offers versatile styles, allowing you to customize your look every day. Add a touch of color and enhance the allure of your lips in your own unique style.It enhances your natural beauty with moisturizers, vitamins C and E, nourishing your lips to keep them soft, supple, and non-dull. It provides a full and enchanting look, adding irresistible charm to your style.

Highlighted by the Q10 enzyme, it enhances cellular energy and helps rejuvenate various cells, allowing you to fully utilize your body’s potential in a day. It strengthens the heart and balances the immune system for better healthcare.

Prominent in eye care, it combines the benefits of natural extracts, such as extracts from black sesame, black rice bran powder, fragrant jasmine rice, bilberry, and Q10 enzyme

Contains 20 times more sesame extracts than the Aimmura O formula, promoting better health care. It is a product derived from non-oil sesame, based on Thailand’s original research on sesame, with international patents and the International Innovation Award 2017.

An intensive hair conditioner infused with the power of protection helps reduce the accumulation of bacteria and is enriched with award-winning innovative multi-extract formula. It nourishes the scalp with 4 types of plant-based protein (phyto-protein), OMEGA Blue technology from Italy, cold-pressed coconut oil, argan oil, avocado, vitamin C, and honey extract to soften, revitalize, and cleanse the hair.

Intensive moisturizing shampoo infused with the power of protection, helps reduce the accumulation of bacteria, and enriched with award-winning innovative multi-extract formula. It nourishes the scalp with natural argan oil, high vitamin E, avocado oil, vitamin C, and honey extract. It effectively cleanses the hair, leaving it clean and revitalized.

Intensive bath cream infused with the power of protection through a natural extract formula. It effectively cleanses and cares for the body, leaving it smooth and nourished. It helps reduce the accumulation of bacteria and contains various extracts, such as natural argan oil, high vitamin E, vitamin B3, and 5 types of berry extracts to cleanse and moisturize the body, promoting a healthy and naturally radiant appearance.

Herbal toothpaste blended with ginseng extract, free from toothpaste starchand abrasive ingredients. It doesn’t damage tooth enamel coating, providing deep cleaning and better oral care. It helps reduce bad breath and tooth sensitivity caused by cold, hot, and sour foods, promoting healthy gums and strong teeth. It freshens your breath and boosts confidence. Suitable for everyone in the family.